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Make an Impact, a program to help you save energy, save money, and save the planet, is coming to an area near you! Take a fun photo of yourself (or with your friends, family and pets) making a positive environmental impact and send it to We’ll confirm details with you and get your permission to use your submission. The photo should feature a white page with three words that help tell your story. Be creative!

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In 3 Words

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Refill, Don't Landfill

Small changes in your routine can have a big impact on the Environment.  Whenever possible, I opt for the reusable version of things versus items you use once and throw away. I've accumulated several reusable plastic and aluminum water bottles over the years and keep them everywhere - my house, my office, my gym bag. The same is true for the reusable grocery bags, which can be convenient for carrying many more things than just your groceries. They're minor changes, but over the course of my lifetime, they will add up.

Erin Pabst, Communications Specialist, Mt Holly

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Nature to Nature

A 100 gallon old barrel is modified to be used in my backyard to collect rain water from the gutter. The natural water is then used to water my vegetable garden. The garden produces many “green” natural organic vegetables to feed the family. We are so happy to see the cycle-  the water ending up in our vegetable garden by growing more and more natural products.

Wayne Sun, Alcoa Howmet - Hampton, VA

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Naturally Shop Green

With children, it is important to start early teaching our children good green habits. One easy way to begin is with reusable cloth shopping bags. Take these with you to the store and bring your groceries home in them. This small change in can significantly reduce the amount of plastic shopping bag trash that is generated. Plastic shopping bag waste pollutes our environment, kills wildlife and contributes to our ever increasing please remember to Shop Green!

Wade and Hayden, children of Barry Singletary, Safety Team Leader, Mt Holly

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Program Energy Efficiency

Changes like energy efficient appliances and programmable thermostats save energy while positively impacting my wallet. Changes like using cast iron cookware instead of teflon or buying organic or less processed food, positively impacts my health. An added bonus is my guilt-free conscience, knowing I am not wasting our resources.

Debbie McCartan, Alcoa TRACO - Cranberry Township, PA