Bloomsburg, PA Makes an Impact!

Representatives from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions traveled to Bloomsburg, PA for the launch of Make an Impact at the Alcoa Kawneer facility. The team conducted three workshops and reached an estimated  323 employees and ten representatives from the Bloomsburg Community Action Board, including Chamber of Commerce president, Fred Gaffney.

“The launch of Make an Impact in Bloomsburg is a great opportunity to help our employees save money while cutting their carbon footprint. The Make an Impact calculator is a great tool that will guide them on this path” said Axel Heinrich, the facility manager.

In addition to the Make an Impact team, representatives of 3 local organizations came out to share tips and resources to help employees save money on energy costs. The participants heard from Chris Young, a Columbia County Commissioner, and Terri MacBride, representative of the local Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL). The Bloomsburg Recycling Center set up a booth and provided recycling information to those interested. Locally-produced food and ice cream were provided by vendors who are locally-sourced.  

“The quick tips provided by the Make an Impact team as well as the other speakers made me realize that I can make small and cheap changes in my energy use that will add up to a big impact and savings. I will start today,” said Marianne Meiss, a Bloomsburg Alcoa Kawneer employee who attended the workshop.

Alcoa Foundation has partnered with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions to mobilize individual action on climate change. Since its launch in September 2008, the program has helped Alcoa families and neighbors identify close to $1 million in energy savings - the equivalent of 2.5 million pounds of CO2!

Learn how much YOU can save by visiting the Make an Impact Carbon Calculator 


Check out some of the highlights from the Bloomsburg Make an Impact Launch!

Bloomsburg Alcoa Kawneer employees visited with the on-site vendors at the Make an Impact launch. Tell us what you are doing to Make an Impact at home







Bloomsburg Alcoa Kawneer facility manager Axel Heinrich spoke to the importance of the Make an Impact program. Find out how Make an Impact can help you save on your energy bills







Brennan's Big Chill employees served locally-sourced homemade ice cream to Bloomsburg Alcoa Kawneer employees. Check out Bloomsburg Local Resources