For Students

These fun games and interactive activities will help you and your friends Make an Impact and be good stewards of the environment. 


Energy Kids  (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 

Lots of great information on energy basics and forms of energy.  Dig around to find interesting games like crossword puzzles.

Environmental Kids Club  (Environmental Protection Agency) 

Environmental Tip of the Day, Question of the Week and Daily Actions about preserving the environment are available with widgets so you can transfer to your own website. 

Energy Hog for Kids  (Energy Hog)

A multi-level energy efficiency game that includes a number of mini-games such as Hog and Seek, a hunt to find the biggest energy wasters in your home. 

Energy Star Kids  (Energy Star) 

Includes a variety of bright, colorful, interactive activities – including an entire section devoted to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

Kids Saving Energy  (US Department of Energy)  

The Student Center includes games, interactive fun facts and activities that can be done at home or at school. Be sure to check out the new videos featuring Tinker Bell.