Libby Archell on Alcoa and Make an Impact

In April 2010, business leaders gathered in Chicago to discuss best practices in energy efficiency at a conference organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.  As part of the "Engaging Employees in Energy Efficiency" panel, Libby Archell, Manager Corporate and Media Relations, Alcoa (formerly Director of Communications and Global Volunteering, Alcoa Foundation), spoke about Alcoa's involvement with Make an Impact.  The following are excerpts from her speech.
Clip 1: Archell talks about the program's origins in Australia and the establishment of the core elements that continue to define Make an Impact.
Clip 2: Archell discusses Alcoa's decision to bring the program to the US and the steps they had to take to adapt the program to a new audience, including partnering with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.
Clip 3: Archell explains the numerous benefits Alcoa has seen in the area of employee engagement, in both expected and unexpected ways.
Clip 4: Archell talks through several of the key lessons that Alcoa has learned over the course of the Make an Impact program.