Lighting Tips

The U.S. spends about one-quarter of its electricity on lighting at a cost of more than $37 billion annually. This type of energy use in your home can be reduced by 50% to 75% simply through new lighting technologies.  Considering that lighting accounts for roughly 10% of the home energy bill, this is an easy place to begin increasing efficiency and saving money.

Improving the efficiency of your lighting can be done by implementing no-cost options, new maintenance routines, and of course, upgrades in bulbs and technology. Read on to learn more. 

Light fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR approval combine quality and attractive design with the highest levels of energy efficiency available today.
CFL bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent (standard) bulbs and last about 4 to 10 times longer.
CFLs save energy and last a long time. When they do burn out, remember to properly recycle them.
Aging and dirt on fixtures, lamps and room surfaces can reduce total illumination by 50% or more, while lights continue drawing full power.
By changing light fixtures or the position of lamps you can brighten your room while using less energy.
Exterior lighting can be for decoration and security, but it can still be made efficient. In fact, CFLs are prime choices for outdoor lighting because of their long life.