Biking and Walking Tips

Our options for getting around depend very much on where we live. Choosing where you live for its convenience of walking or biking to work, school, or transit—what planners call location efficiency—is a key way to reduce your need for driving. In some areas, people find it surprisingly easy to do without a car at all. The more you know about the decision-making process of these efficiencies, the more likely we are to have access to personal transportation options that are safe, efficient, and responsive to public needs and concerns about their communities and the natural environment.

Your local bike shop is an excellent resource for information on bicycle commuting, the latest bike gadgets and safety tools, and it can even help you fix up that old three-speeder for trips around town.
Not only does cycling reduce traffic congestion and pollution, but it's healthiest ways to travel -- for both you and the environment.
Bicycling and walking are not just recreational activities; these low-tech transportation options can not only help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also traffic congestion and our demand for oil.