Recreational Activities Tips

Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking and cycling are examples of recreational activities that produce very low greenhouse gas emissions. If you do have an ATV or play golf, there are increasingly more environmentally friendly options that allow you to enjoy yourself while minimizing your impact on the environment- such as choosing an electric powered vehicle over a gas engine or playing on an organically maintained course. Other actions, such as renting gear rather than buying, and choosing "eco-tourism" packages are additional ways to have fun while minimizing your environmental impact.

Summer is here and boating season is open. Rivers and lakes are great places to enjoy the outdoors while still doing your part to reduce carbon emissions.
Reducing the impact of your vacation does not mean reducing your fun.
Emissions from nonroad engines contribute as much as 15-20% of pollution in cities across the United States.
Americans buy over $5 billion worth of outdoor gear annually. All of these products require energy, water, chemicals, and land to produce.