Energy Tips

Business and home offices use a significant amount of electricity for heating and cooling, lighting and operating equipment – in fact, 70% of office building energy consumption is electricity. Lighting, computers, copiers, air conditioners, heaters, appliances, doors, windows, and vents -- everything that uses energy or keeps hot or cool air in or out is an opportunity to save. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for common-sense ways to make small changes that can add up to a big impact, especially when others notice your ideas and join in.

When buying new products for your office at work or at home, you can get the features and performance you want and still help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants.
Upgrading the HVAC system can improve comfort and air quality while reducing energy use by 40%.
Commercial buildings consume more than 33% of all energy generated in the United States.
An ENERGY STAR computer uses 70% less electricity than computers without this designation.
Office equipment and electronics use energy even when idle or on stand-by.